Pé na Areia Inn

Charming, fully decorated sea facing chalets located on Boiçucanga beach, on São Paulo northern shore. Boiçucanga is a beach with calm waters and woundrous sunset, surrounded by the Atlantic Rainforest and by very good restaurants. There also is a complete services infrastructure that includes supermarkets and shopping malls. You can find all that and much more at “Pé na Areia” (aka “Esquina da Mentira”), the perfect place for spending your vacations and weekends, or even having your own house at the sea.

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The name Esquina da mentiraLie Corner” and the architectural style is a rescue of Boiçucanga’s history.

The region was inhabited by indians from Goitacazes, Tupinanbás and Tupiniquins tribes, which were enemies but had similar culture. Being cannibal, they didn’t eat their peers/equals, but devoured the enemies to absorb their strength. They were brave and never showed fear.

Their singing to gods were accompanied by the rattles, drums and flutes made by themselves. They hunted, picked up fruits and used medicinal herbs and plants. They knew how to handle with fire and cooked in clay pots what they hunted besides what they grew in their crops such as: corn, yam, potato ,manioc and pepper.


After the discovery with the establishment of the provinces, our coast appears as the first “Sesmaria” ( former land measurement in Brazil – equivalent to four and one-tenths miles) granted in 1856. The last ruins of those times were from a Carmelita convent in Barra do Una.

There were the formation of small centers of fishermen on the beaches of Barra do Una, Juqueí, Sahy, Camburi, Boiçucanga, Maresias, Paúba, Toque-toque Pequeno e Grande. Those natives descended from the indians, black people and Europeans, with a Indian-catholic culture, that lived nearby the beaches.


Each one of these centers had its church and a square. The villages communicated among them through tracks or by sea in canoes. The inhabitants and visitors got together on those squares to tell their stories, which throughout the time became more and more deceiving. This is the origin of why the name of the square in front of Boiçucanga church is: Praça da Mentira – The Lier Square.